Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan

The first Ministry for enlightenment and education in Azerbaijan - the Ministry of Public Enlightenment was established on 28 May 1918 by the decision of the Government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. The Ministry of Public Enlightenment was renamed the Commissariat of Public Enlightenment by the executive order 1 of the Council of Ministers of Azerbaijan SSR of 28 April 1920. In 1959, based on this department and in accordance with the order of the Government there was established State Vocational Education Committee, which operated until 1988. In 1959, the Committee of Higher and Secondary Special Education was formed by the order of the Council of Ministers, and all institutions operating in the Republic were passed under its control. In 1964 the Committee became the independent ministry (Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education), and operated until 1988. In 1988 all three departments were abolished, and the Ministry of National Education was created.

The role The Ministry of Educatione of the Azerbaijan Republic (MEA) in this project, as the regular partner is to provide control and regulation the development of project tasks. MEA regularly will contribute to the elimination of difficulties arising from the implementation of the project. Using their official opportunities will provide contact with other universities for the curriculum development and to applying the new curriculum in the other universities of Azerbaijan. One of the main tasks will be also the accreditation of the proposed Master course, that will follow the procedure regulated by the Decision N°75 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic "Higher education degree program with the state standards" adopted on 23 April 2010.