Qafqaz University

Qafqaz University has been providing the highest standards in education in Azerbaijan for its students since 1993 and has been the top rated private university since 1996. Modeled on the western education system the university has been offering the credit point system since the day it was opened and adopted the ECTS in all departments. The University offers B.A, M.A., M.Sc., MBA and doctoral programs as well as joint M.A. and MSc programs with universities from the States and Europe. The role of the local educational institutions in preparing the next generation of engineers to fulfill the increasing industry needs is undisputable. To sustain growing demands of the industry in Azerbaijan, QU has established strong university-business relations and attracts large investments to the university especially to the School of Engineering.

QU has gained quite a respected position in Azerbaijan by championing in various projects of European Commission and gaining the status of “Tempus Expert” of different tasks such as curriculum development, quality assurance, internationalization, etc. For instance, with the support of 517346-TEMPUS-1-2011-1 project QU aims to develop graduate level curriculum in Industrial Ecology which will support success of current project. At QU, there is not a specific curriculum on Ecology Engineering, but a pattern of Chemical Engineering curricula is devoted to Environmental topic. The expected outcomes of the participation of the QU in the Tempus project will be to modernize the pattern of Chemical Engineering curricula devoted to Environment, guiding universities in curriculum development process; providing necessary expertise in meeting specific requirements of Bologna declaration; taking active participation in content development; dissemination of results; monitoring and evaluation.