Università Rome La Sapienza

Sapienza University of Rome is a public, autonomous and free university involved in the development of society thorugh research, high education and international cooperation. Sapienza was founded in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII. With over 700 years of history, it is the first university in Rome and the largest in Europe with 145000 students, over 4500 professors and 5000 people working as administrative and technical staff. The Department of Chemical Material Environmental Engineering, in charge for the management of the project, contributes to the education for the curricula of Masters in Chemical Engineering, Environmental and civil engineering and Industrial Nanotechnology. It has a wide experience of participation in international education and research projects

The Department of Chemical Material and Environmental Engineering will coordinate the project. The Department will offer the experience achieved in the implementation of several post-graduate masters both to implement the Advanced course on Ecology engineering, i.e. the key activity of the project, and to lead the consortium toward the modernization of the actual curricula of Ecology engineering in Azerbaijan. The members of the Department are also involved in several executive protocols with most of the univerities engaged in the project: therefore a fruitfully cooperation among the project partners will be established.