Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione

Consorzio Sapienza Innovazione is composed of private and public partners (Sapienza University, Filas, BicLazio and Unicredit) and supports Sapienza University of Rome in exploiting the results of research activities through spin-off companies, technology transfer, and Joint Labs with multidisciplinary public/private applied research programs.

CSI has contributed to the creation of 12 university spin-offs in two years of activity, giving its assistance for the legal aspects and a strong support in the preparation of the business plan. CSI has led a vocational training course named FIXO, whose main objective was to improve the entrepreneurial skills of the young researchers involved in the above mentioned spin-offs. Moreover CSI is coordinator of 3 EU 7FP projects and gives its support in preparing project proposals and helps with the administrative and financial aspects of the running EU funded projects.

CSI is responsible of WP Project Quality Monitoring and Evaluation. CSI will be also involved in: dissemination activities, project meetings, providing support during the entire period of ACEE both to students and teachers. It will collaborate in writing progress and financial report.